Try this Beet Salad /Yummy

Beet Salad – Moroccan Style-Simple and Delicious

This salad reminds me of one my family made when I was a child but we added chopped hard-boiled eggs and used mayonnaise instead of olive oil. You can use your imagination but keeping it simple lets the beets be the star of the show.This is usually made from red beets which are the most popular, possibly because they are the ones most markets carry.  Here again if you plant beets you can grow a variety of them for different color and flavor and spark up your diet. This salad uses cooked beets but you can use steamed or roasted beets in this salad as well.  Try different way to incorporate this healthy vegetable into your diet.

Today we are making the traditional Moroccan Beetroot Salad. Beetroot is a vegetable that is often ignored because people do not know how to cook it. It is actually very versatile: you can boil it, steam it, or even roast it! It has a rich flavor and it is full of antioxidants and nutrients – so it’s definitely a vegetable that you should include in your menu. This salad can be eaten alone, with bread, or tossed in a garden salad. It’s yummy and super easy!

Moroccan Beetroot Salad from CookingwithThalia Youtube 9/25/2011