Toward a Do-nothing Gardening, pt 2: Edible Perennials (Lazy Gardening)

Edible Perennials (Lazy Gardening)

” What could be better than harvesting crops without having to dig the soil and sow seeds every year? Growing edible perennials is as close to do nothing gardening as you can get. Once established, they come back year after year and produce abundant harvests with very little effort. ”  OneYardRevolution

Annuals require a lot more work and expense in purchasing seed every year starting the seedlings, transplanting, protecting, watering and feeding until they are established then  every year you do it over again.  You will never give up annuals but planting  some of the many perennial self seeding varieties will save money and time. Once established one annual composting and mulching is all they require and many survive the winter under protection.  They have long growing seasons and are generally disease and pest resistant.  Add some of these edible perennials to your garden for variety with less work.  For a global list of perennial vegetables see the link below. Happy Lazy Gardening.

Toward a Do-nothing Gardening, pt 2: Edible Perennials (Lazy Gardening)from OneYardRevolution YouTube 2015
Global Inventory of Perennial Vegetables”: