Top Ten Skills For Preppers / Prepare to Survive

Top Ten Skills For Peppers You Need To Survive a Disaster

What are the Top Ten Skills For Preppers  you need to survive a disaster?  Are you prepared to be self-sufficient?  Most of us are not.  Are you a look ahead and plan for the future kind of  person or  a wait and see and hope for the best type.  Do You plan and then procrastinate actually getting it done and think that there will always be another day to get it done?  From the look of things and the things I hear it’s time to get off our collective buts and actually do something NOW not Tomorrow!  This excellent video is a common sense non hysterical approach for you to get started thinking and getting yourself prepared to become self-sufficient.  Watch this Video to  learn what  are  the top 10  most critical personal skills a prepper  will need to survive  The next post I will share today  will be a list of  the 10 most important things you will need to get the basics in place for survival.  Once that is in place and you know what to do and how to do it, you can grow and expand your food and supplies for longer storage and extended , longer term survival.  Start  with the basics and grow from there.

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Top Ten Skills For Preppers  from Dynamic Prepper YouTube 12/14/2012

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