Top 10 Healthiest Foods

Here Are The Top Ten Healthiest Foods

Add these top 10 Foods to your menu for delicious and healthy.  Good stuff can be good as well as good for you.  You get beautiful pictures and all of the nutritional information too.    Everyone of these foods have multiple health benefits so I am going to give you  few of them but you will have to watch the video to get the whole story . I don’t want to spoil the fun so here are some of the awesome benefits eating these foods regularly  will provide learn earn and enjoy.

Avocados added to a salad will help your body better absorb the nutrient from all of the other ingredients. Kale fights cancer and repairs cells while Sweet Potatoes help to balance your blood sugar.  Blueberries can help improve memory. Almonds help to reduce risk for Heart disease. Apples really do keep the doctor away.  Salmon is loaded with Omega 3 Fatty acids good for the heart. Oats help you maintain a good cholesterol level.  Garlic is a potent anti inflammatory and anticarcinogenic. Last but actually first on the list is Broccoli which you either love or hate. Detoxifier, anti inflammatory and other wonderful things.  If you don’t like it try fixing a different way it’s worth it.

Top 10 Healthiest Foods from  Youtube 2014