Permaculture /6 Core Techniques

Permaculture Techniques For producing Food Naturally and Sustainably

Permaculture as a technique or lifestyle is becoming recognized by many as the means for  sustaining the earth and feeding an expanding population.  Also it is intelligent planning  to have a sustainable food and water supply in the event of a serious long-term emergency.   The Prime Directive of Permaculture is the ethical decision to take responsibility for ourselves, our children and our communities.  The Three Ethics are Care Of The Earth, Care Of The People and Return or Distribution of Excess.

This Video is a Must See for anyone interested in being intelligently self-sufficient either from a moral viewpoint or a more practical  motive of survival in the event of a sooner or later catastrophic event.

This is a long 2 hour presentation that will not bore you.  I found it fascinating , educational and the techniques can be applied to a large acreage or to an urban backyard.   I am going to follow this technical presentation with two Videos , different families, one a city lot and the other a larger difficult  rocky homestead, to show you how these principles were applied.  The video contains links to other information you will find helpful.

Watch This Video to learn These 6 Core Permaculture Techniques

The Presentation Covers 6 Core Permaculture Techniques

Forest Gardening / Food Forest Establishment
Creating and Using Seed Mixtures
Lawn to Pasture Conversion
Zone Planning and Implementation
Mob Grazing / Small Livestock Paddock Shift Systems
Developing Regionally Adapted Seed Strains
Contour Based Wood Core Beds

“6 Core Permaculture Techniques – Producing Food Sustainably and Naturally”published by Jack Spirko  YouTube  Apr 29, 2013