Making Money in Your Backyard with Aeroponics

Aeroponics???  Check this out!!

I had not personally been introduced to Aeroponics but in my research for Organic Farming and Sustainable Living this article caught my attention.  This young couple have learned how to grow enough volume and variety of food in a very small space to feed themselves and provide an extra full time income for the family by selling the excess to local restaurants and other local food outlets.  Growing intensely and vertically  and selling locally makes sense for the future. This method is being used  on a grander scale so look for that article next.

Benjamin Staffeldt grew up on a farm and works in a garden center so when he and his wife Sara moved into a rental home (a duplex), it was only natural he’d want to start farming his (shared) backyard. They began with containers and then bought a kit greenhouse to extend the growing season and were selling to local supermarkets and restaurants, but the heating bills to farm during Wisconsin winters (with temperatures as low as -70°F) was cutting sharply into their profits.

They knew they had to maximize greenhouse space so they decided to grow vertical and to grow differently. They experimented with hydroponics and finally settled on aeroponics. … The method was actually developed and is being used by NASA because it uses so much less water and the speed of growth is much faster.”….They’re now growing enough in their 10′ by 12′ greenhouse for farming to be Sara’s full-time job.”

Backyard aeroponics: self-sustaining farm for Wisconsin cold  from Kirsten Dirksen YouTube  6/2014

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