How Vertical Farms Bring Fresh Food To Booming Cities

Incredible Super Efficient Vertical Farm In The City

“In Singapore, the challenge of feeding a growing population is pushing the concept of urban farming to new heights. A super-efficient vertical farming system is producing greens for 5 million residents.” “Can we supply enough food for everyone on the planet?” is a question plaguing leaders around the world. In Singapore SkyGreen offers one example of how this might be possible, “not just technically, but economically”. By increasing their food security while reducing the impact of food production on global climate change, SkyGreen is 10 times more productive per square foot than conventional farming.”

The idea of supplying food at the point where it is consumed makes a lot of sense in high density urban areas where everything must be trucked in and distributed to huge numbers of people. Lack of affordable space for planting the volume of food needed means go up not out. Science and entrepreneurship combine to create an amazing solution to the problem You have to see this structure and the technology used to make it work. This may become the way we feed the ever-increasing numbers of people in our large cities in the future.

How Vertical Farms Bring Fresh Food To Booming Cities from Journeyman Pictures YouTube 2013