How To Can Peaches


Want to know how to can peaches?  Here is a simple and straightforward  method for beginners and pros alike.   This is the easiest way to go about canning peaches or any other stone fruits like nectarines and plums  without sugar.  White grape juice concentrate is used here, but you can also use the bottled ready to drink juice you can buy by the half-gallon at the Big Box Stores.  I have also canned cherries in white grape juice and believe me that was delicious.! The Video shows you all the equipment you would need to can peaches and how you should prepare everything before you get started. She shows you how  to peel the peaches and sterilize and pack the jars.   Loading the canner, processing and storing are all covered so you don’t have to guess at any point.  Peaches are in season now.  If you are lucky enough to have a peach tree, fantastic,. If not a generous friend.  Last resort the market,  but well worth the effort.  You will be rewarded by THE BEST LOOKING, BEST TASTING PEACHES EVER, YOURS!

Watch This Video Now to Learn How To Can Peaches. You Will be Happy You Did.

Published 8/25/2011 on YouTube by  Delectable Planet