GeoThermal Greenhouse Works! LDSPrepper Tour Part 1

Watch while LDS Prepper Tours his GeoThermal Greenhouse

“The greenhouse is amazing! He has cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, and peppers mature  before the beginning of June! Watch to see what an amazing system he has created!” Greenhouse gardening is one way to grow up and plant intensively to grow maximum yield in minimum space. To grow vegetables year around in Idaho or other cold weather States you need a Greenhouse.  The system shown here keeps the Greenhouse warm in winter and keeps it cool in summer with little or no cost once it is set up.  Using  Geo Thermal techniques and The Mittleider Method for soil mix, succession planting, feeding and pruning for maximum yields he is able to grow food year around even in severe weather.   Watch this video to see how he grows up not out and see pumpkins and squash hanging in the air!

GeoThermal Greenhouse Works! LDSPrepper Tour Part 1 from dirtpatchheaven YouTube 2015