Fantastic Front Yard Garden Yields More Friends and Better Health

 Front Yard Garden Why Not?

Turning 50 this French Canadian couple decide to improve their health by planting a garden in their sunny front yard. They find that not only do they save money, but they lose weight and  his blood pressure and health improve. Working in the front yard also attracts attention and they get a chance to interact more with their neighbors. They also get into a legal battle with the city.  Watch This video to see how this turned out.

“As they’re about to turn 50, and wanting to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, Josée and Michel decide to plant a vegetable garden outside their home in the suburbs of Drummondville, Quebec. Their backyard had little sun exposure, so they decide to set up the garden in the front yard. Once the garden beds are in place and the vegetables have started growing, the city asks them to remove their garden to put lawn back, but the couple decides to fight.” Possible Media

Drummondville’s front yard vegetable garden  from PossibleMedia YouTube 9/2013