Enormous Harvest of Container Grown Potatoes

Check  Out This  Enormous  Harvest of Container Grown Potatoes

I have researched several articles and looked at a lot of videos regarding growing potatoes in containers. This was the most spectacular result I found. Sweet Potatoes appears to grow best in raised beds as they like to spread. More about that later. Bigger containers of course grow more potatoes but are heavy and harder to harvest which is of interest to any gardeners like me who weigh 112 pounds.

These are the Sarpo Miras grown in smaller 30 litre pots. The result was the biggest crop this organic gardener has ever had, about 75 pounds from the 7 pots with some of the potatoes being enormous. The first one  almost 13.5 pounds from just a single pot. Pretty impressive. See the next post to see how he plants these pots.

Enormous harvest of Container Grown Potatoes from allotmentdiary YouTube 2014