Canning 101 – The Basics for Beginners

Canning Basics  How to Can with Confidence

Canning is intimidating for a lot of people but when you follow the rules it can be done safely.  Nothing beats the pride you will feel when you see those shining jars of your own food you have grown and preserved for your family. Not to say it does not require work it does, and as one of my friends laments, cooking does mess up the kitchen.  Growing your own food is rewarding but certainly harder than going to Safeway or Fry’s.  However since you are following my posts you are unique in that you don’t take the easy route you take the better one.  Healthy wholesome food is important to you or you would not be reading this.  So if you want to know what you are eating you pretty much have to produce as much of it as possible and when you have an abundance you have to preserve it in some way.  Canning either by  water bath or by pressure canning is an efficient and safe way to preserve your harvest.  Dehydrating and freezing are of course other methods we can use.  Learn to do it right, follow the rules and you will have beautiful safe and delicious results your family will enjoy for months to come.

Learn about hot bathing, old-fashioned pressure canning and even the NEW way to pressure can as Tim and Nicki share some canning secrets and tips.

Green Tomatoes, Strawberry Jam, Zucchini Pickles, Pickled Green Beans with Lois, Cabbage and Green Beans.

Watch this Video to learn the basic knowledge you need to Can Your Own Food.

Canning 101 The Basics For Beginners / Tim Farmer /YouTube Published on Aug 4, 2014