Be in The Zone-Micro Climates

Climate Change and Micro Climates

The USDA Hardiness Map has changed due to global warming and the newest map is much more specific.  Wind and geography and proximity to bodies of water influence the local climate conditions.  Where I live in Arizona the whole climate can change  a few miles from my backyard.  We have Mountain, High and Low Desert, Urban and Rural areas, all with different growing conditions.  Knowing your exact locations requirements can be the difference between success and failure.

Whether or not you believe this change is due to global warming , there is a change which is measurable over the past 15 plus years.   Now is the time to plan your 2016 garden wherever you are.  What? When? and Where?  Time to put it to paper so it will actually happen.  Happy Gardening!

David shares the importance of knowing and understanding your Microclimates and Hardiness Zone. You’ll learn what Microclimates are and how they will influence the plants you buy. And finally David challenges you to find your zone and share it with us on Facebook:

Watch this brief video for some important information and additional websites for more information about your specific area

What are Microclimates & Hardiness Zones also known as Climate Zones & Growing Zones (2.4)/

Urban Dirt hosted by David Walrod /YouTube 2/1/2012