Backyard Organic Garden

Serious Backyard Organic Gardeners… Watch this!

Watch while this homeowner transforms his  backyard from a beautiful grassy area requiring a lot of maintenance and water into an intensive  self watering system that produces an abundance of crops in a very small area.  The yard is still beautiful but now productive.  He takes you step by step in the planning and preparation of the garden. This work now will pay off now and in the years to come by being easy to maintain as well as producing healthy food for the family.  It functions well and is aesthetically pleasing as well.

As more people become concerned about the cost and the quality of mass-produced food  there is a owing tend to grow your own and in small urban  lots it takes imagination and determination to make it work.   Growing a lot on a small footprint has developed ways to grow up not out with garden towers containers, hydroponic systems,  trellises, self watering systems. etc.   I will be exploring these and sharing what I find.  Happy Gardening!

Backyard Organic Gardener from Alex Parrillo YouTube 210