Saving Money by Growing High Value Crops

Not Enough Space?  Grow High Value Crops!

If you want to grow all of the food you need for your family but you really do not have enough space even with growing up and growing intensively,  concentrate on high value crops that cost more to buy at the market and produce a lot of food per plant. An example would be a tomato plant vs a beet or onion. Succession planting should be utilized so every space has something growing at all times.  Supplement your food  at a Farmers Market or Organic Market for less expensive food like onions and squash. This can save you money and time and space.

Published on Apr 11, 2014

In this video we explain a simple set of criteria you can use to determine which crops are the most valuable for your household and suggest a range of plants which save money and offer great value for the time and space they need to grow.

Click on Video to learn how to select the best most productive plants for your garden

Saving Money in the Garden by Growing High Value Crops, from GrowVeg  YouTube 04/11/2014