10 Tips for New Preppers/ Survival Essentials

New to Prepping? Survival Food and Essentials 10 Tips to Get Started

If you are not really sure what prepping is or aware but have not started to do anything about it,here are 10 essentials to get started.  I lived in California for 40 years and lived through several major shakers but kept procrastinating getting my family prepared for what was inevitable.  We managed to get by with some expensive property damage but only short-term inconvenience where I was.  Now I am in Arizona and my major concern if the grid goes down will be water and in the summer staying cool.  If you are up north or at higher elevation you will be concerned with keeping warm and maybe snowed in with no outside access to food.  Whatever your location Shelter Food and Water and Safety are the main concerns.

This video gives you a good overview on where to start and keeps everything in perspective without going over the edge.  His advice is sound without hysteria but to the point.  Whether the crisis is a natural disaster or political or economic be prepared to survive.  Start small but start.

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10 Tips for New Preppers: Supplies, Survival food and Emergency Essentials